Friday, July 23, 2010

Meet Danielle Bourdon

Today I'm presenting Danielle Bourdon, another author for you to discover.  Leave a comment to be eligible to win a $50.00 gift card to  Visit previous authors in my party and leave comments there for additional entries!

Tell us about your book

Dréoteth is a story about a dragon that can take the shape of a man. He was born to loathe humans but at the same time, he's annoyingly fascinated by the trials and tribulations of their lives. It's an emotional, deep story of grudging friendship, tragedy and the consequences of Dréoteth's decisions.

What inspired you to write this book?

Dréoteth was a character concept I've had sitting around for about 6 years or so. I decided to enter the National Novel Writing Month contest and used him as a catalyst for a story. I wanted a clean slate to write with, and although he's been around a while, I'd never fleshed him out.

Do you have a favorite character?

That's a tough question. I have quite a few characters that I adore. Laurel Mayfield, who makes an appearance in my up and coming novel Bound by Blood, ranks up there in the top three. She has to overcome so much in the story I have for her and watching her evolve and mature was fun.

Are any of your characters based on people you know in real life?

None of my characters are based on anyone I know.

What kinds of things did you research to write your book?

I had to research the dark/middle ages a little. It's set in that time period.

I have a lot of very creative readers. Do you have other hobbies or creative pursuits besides writing?

Oh yes! I've painted for years. My favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor. For a time, I made a living selling my art. I've dabbled in graphic design and love to go out every chance I can to practice photography.

What’s on your nightstand (or kindle) right now?

Right this second, I'm reading One Little Sin by Liz Carlyle.

Do you have any upcoming titles you’re working on?

My second book, Bound by Blood, is scheduled to be released September 1st, 2010. I have a co-author, Kimberly Hoyt, this time around. We've already finished the first draft and are in the editing stage. It's a paranormal romance with time travel elements.

What else would you like to add?

Here's an excerpt from one of Dréoteth's journal entries:

I sit here conflicted, licking my teeth, agitated in ways I have not been. These doubts are not me. This is not the way of Dréoteth. When did my loathing for humans turn into the kind of curiosity that makes me pause in the killing of them? Unthinkable. These indecisions are the path to annihilation. As much as I like to think otherwise, my kind are not invincible. We can be killed as humans can and given the motivation, they are capable of hunting us down.

Such unusual, pessimistic thoughts, these.


Where can we find your book?

Here's the Kindle version link on Amazon

The link for the paperback on Amazon is above.

Any other links?

Readers can find me at

and on twitter: www.twitter/

8 people stopped folding laundry to write:

beamerdog said...

I read the first few pages of Danielle's book on Amazon and I admit I was intrigued even though I never think of reading the genre of fantasy. What an interesting "two-natured" being!

Danielle, I would love to see your talents in cover art for your books! I don't know if you were the artist for this one.

Anonymous said...

WOW -- This sounds very good. I enjoy reading all kinds of books. What a wonderful imagination this author has!

Nancy said...

Hi Danielle-

Sounds really good! I can't wait get into this one. Is Dreoteth the book that came out of the National Novel Writing Month, or was that a different story? When you say he's "been around for a while" does that mean you have other stories with him?

Nancy said...

Bought the book :)

Nancy said...


Unknown said...


Your book sounds like a great read!

Best wishes,

Chris Mead

Danielle said...

Thank you so much to everyone who replied and to Nancy for purchasing! I hope you enjoy the story.

Dréoteth the character was conceived about 6 or 7 years ago, but I never did anything with it until last November for the National Novel Writing Month. I had no idea what was going to come out of it until I sat down to write.

It was great fun though to watch how it evolved chapter by chapter. He's a very deep character and exploring his emotions was a blast.

Thanks again to everyone and to Lit and Laundry for having me!


Danielle said...

Beamerdog: I didn't do the background graphic for Dréoteth, I just added the text over the top of the art. I am currently developing my next book cover and it will be up on my blog as soon as I get it done. :)

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