Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Needlework Tuesday: Benjamin Biggs quilt block 1 progress.

I wasn't going to get started with too many new projects this year, but I couldn't resist this big long quiltalong that is hosted by Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane.  Not sure if I'll stick with it but I'll get at least a few of the blocks done.

Pictured above is just the first layer of the first block.  I decided to go with Kaffe fabrics instead of the more traditional red and green.  The historic quilt that this is based on looks like this:

Just Takes 2
Here's the link if you're interested in collecting the patterns and getting started.

I'm linking up today with Heather at Books and Quilts.

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Heather said...

Even a few of those blocks will look terrific. will be looking forward to seeing how they look with your fabric selections. Thanks for linking up for Needlework Tuesday.

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