Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear person who stole our credit card

Dear thief,

How far did you think you were going to get with our credit card number? I got a call this morning from my card company asking me to call the fraud department right away. I rolled my eyes and put it off because the fraud department always seems to be calling wondering why my husband is charging his $3 lunches in his office cafeteria to his credit card.

But then when I went to buy cat food, my card was denied. Do you know how embarrassing that was? That sweet little old lady at the pet food store is my cat sitter. I could have died when she told me that card was denied.

So I called the fraud department. My, but you've been busy! In less than 24 hours you managed to spend $1600 at Home Depot, $141 at a gas station (was it just gas, or some snacks too?) and $200 at Safeco - whatever that is. Hope you had fun on your little spree.

Because it's over. And when you try to use that card again? I hope they report you and your identity is discovered. Because you need to pay for your crimes.


Coming tomorrow: Vintage Thingies Thursday
Follow-up to yesterday's post: The one fatality in the tragic accident at the grocery store was a 10 year old boy, a little scout just like my son. His mother remains in critical condition. Please send good thoughts for that family, and hug your kids an extra time today. Thanks.

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LauraC said...

Hey the same thing happened to me and THEN the thief stole my identity. They racked up $25K on 20 credit cards and it took me 3 years to remove everything from my credit report. PITA!

Did you know you can put a 90 day fraud alert on your SSN so people can not request credit in your name? Might be prudent to do so!!!

Alisa said...

Bad people stink. Hope it clears up quickly.
Keeping good thoughts for the victims of the accident.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, that happened to my mom this year. She dropped her purse in her church parking lot, next day, the theif was on a shopping spree to die for. Made me so mad. Take this very seriously. It is a mess.

Blakely said...

I hate that for you. It is such a pain in the neck to clean up this mess. It is amazing will what people will buy with stolen credit cards.

Amy said...

oooh that really irks me! I detest dishonest people. I hope they catch the person responsible.

* TONYA * said...

OMG I feel for you. We had an entire book of checks stolen from us and they were handing them out all over town like they were candy and then we kept getting letters from everywhere demanding payment for items. Thankfully they were finally caught, but it took us ages to deal with all the different debt collectors who were constantly on our backs.

noble pig said...

Oh that happened to me too! I was buying a $12 lunch and they said denied! I could have died, so embarrasing! But someone was charging away somewhere else!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Oh man, that's sucks! It's great that they called you, though - who knows what you would have seen when you opened the bill at the end of the month!

Anonymous said...

That just stinks. My cc was stolen once and they did catch the girl on a surveilance camera spending away. No one checks signatures anymore.

Scary Mommy said...

Ugh. Sorry you are dealing with that. We went through that too and it wasn't fun. Hope they get busted!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Ours got swiped in a Sopranos-esque numbers heist from a hotel in Chicago. Thankfully, we were responsible for none of it, and I assume a Paulie Walnuts is sitting in the clink (or in all likelihood, awaiting trial..after all, it's only been two years...) somewhere.

Last month, when I tried to pay the dry cleaner for stitching he-child's tae kwon do patches to his do bo (uniform), the $15 charge? Rejected.

Apparently, when husband ordered a Dyson (he has a vacuum fetish) from an in-company special offer, they neglected to note his three-digit number from the back. International charge through the route they attempted resulted in a stolen card hold. Delightful.

Suppose it's a good thing I cannot sew through the thick patches... ;)

PS Thought of you today -- may post about why...

Laura said...

I am so sorry.
I so hope they catch him/her.

Beth said...

Safeco is an insurance company. I used to work for them. So... at least the thief is now covered in the event of an accident? LOL! What a jerk. Sorry you're having to deal with that.


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