Friday, February 6, 2009

Finished for Friday: Cutting My Right Arm Off

Lit and Laundry

I can can kiss my children goodbye and send them to camp for a week. I can kiss my husband goodbye and watch him leave on all his business trips. But take my sewing machine into the shop and I have anxiety attacks. Here's what my sewing table looked like, a black hole:

I had procrastinated doing this for so long that it was a full year overdue, so I'm very proud of myself that I finally bit the bullet and did it this week. Of course, the experience wasn't without drama.

I took my machine to Eddie's Quilting Bee. They were having a big sale and party and the place was packed. As I stepped up to the register with my beloved, Eddie came across the store to greet me warmly, because he remembers how much money I always spend my sparkling personality.

"Ah yes! How are you doing! Wait a minute, let's have a look at that" he said as a few customers lined up behind me with their purchases. He took the cover off and opened her up. "That's what I thought. You have a plastic hook. You're going to want to replace that with a metal hook. Works much better. It will be a whole new machine."

Did I mention Eddie is quite a salesman? I nervously eyed the backup that was increasing behind this sole register. The pressure was on to finish the transaction. And everyone was listening. What if the word got out that I had this inferior plastic hook? What if the word got out that I didn't keep my sewing machine up to date. I started to sweat. "How much is that?"

"$110." I tried not to gasp at the amount. Then rationalization brain kicked in. 1) I didn't take my machine in for servicing last year, and this is about what that would have cost. 2) This is my instrument of therapy, and I don't splurge on much of anything for myself. 3) Probably some other random thoughts popped in there, not the least of which that the backup in the line was at least a dozen shoppers now. I agreed to the upgrade and watched sadly as they took it to the back room.

Of course, I swore I would get a lot of non-machine sewing done. Applique a dozen blocks, baste some quilts. It didn't happen. I mourned. Finally the day came to pick it up.

" Ah yes, there you are. The hook." Eddie was all smiles. "This is a great machine. Did you know I could give you a trade-in of $700 if you'd like this nice machine here? I could give this one to you for. . ." At this point Eddie seemed to mull over a special deal just for me. After a pause he named an amount. Let's just say it was 4 figures. Did I mention Eddie is quite the salesman?

Do people actually just walk into a store to pick up a newly-tuned machine and trade it up like that? I wish I had that kind of money. I love how he was treating me like a Serious. Grown-up. Important Quilter. One for whom apparently money was no object when it came to their craft. Unfortunately, money is a bit of an object so I had to decline. Love ya Eddie, maybe next time.

So the overdue annual tune-up was my finished project for the week. What did you get done? If you've got any kind of finished project, please
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14 people stopped folding laundry to write:

HeatherV said...

Hey did I do it correctly? I linked onto my Finished for Friday post. If not I will get some tech help. Kinda funny in that I was published this week at work for a technology article!

Lisa said...

Ahaha! I always love your posts! I smile every time I read one.
I would love a four-figure sewing machine! I would settle for needle up/needle down though. (I do all my sewing on a borrowed Kenmore, which is actually not awful, but I sure would like an upgrade.)
I liked how you were proud that he thinks you are able to just drop that kind of ching on a whim! (I bet he could have hooked you up with FINANCING though, if you didn't have thousands of dollars laying around! Our sew/vac shop can do that...)

Goddess in Progress said...

I love the way they make the price sound so "reasonable." A steal, even! Sigh, why can I never pick an inexpensive hobby?

Cheryl Lage said...

Ahhh, the always attempted up-sell. You stay true to your dutiful machine. Has Eddie no sentiment? ;)

Good for you for caring for your trusty companion who has served you so well. :)

Eva said...

thanks for reminding me to take my maching in for a tune-up!

Steph said...

Okay. $110 for a PART? Clearly, I am not ready to enter the world of sewing and quilting. I was eyeing a $100 MACHINE. :grin: (I'm not even a little experienced in sewing, unless 7th grade Home Ec counts, but that was ALSO the class where I was told I was a "winter", so obviously the class should NOT count.)

Also? I HAVE TO GET ON TOP OF THE PROJECT PLANNING!! I posted about my stinkin' octopus YESTERDAY. The bag I'm doing now will be finished TOMORROW. :headdesk:

Raggedy Girl said...

Great post. I would love to trade mine in on a machine with a bigger plate but in good conscience I cannot spend money so I don't have to roll up my quilt so many time. Mine needs service too and I will miss it while it is gone.
Roberta Anne

Widney Woman said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! I'm sure if you did go with the new, fantastic sewing machine, you would have bartered with Fast Eddie to sweeten the deal.

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of a sewing machine that was to be my ex-sister-in-law's (don't tell me divorce isn't a good thing). Seeing as she would - and still does - bring clothing to have buttons sewn on to my mother, I'm thinking she never used said sewing machine.

Now, after reading this post, I am wondering if it will be functioning after so many years of non-use and how much it will cost to make it not just hum, but singer (I couldn't resist). And I'm feeling a bit inadequate in thinking the alternative $100 sewing machine at Wal-Mart would get me going on my first 10 quilts, or so....

Truly, it's a whole new world for me.

Katherine said...

I'm still sewing on a 20 year old $100 Singer (that had its first ever cleaning/repair last summer). I'd love a new machine, but I don't really want a fancy/expensive/always needing repair machine.

My finished by Friday is late, as usual, but I've been home with a sick kid for 4 days straight!

Debbie said...

There's nothing worse than a hole where a sewing machine should be:(

Anonymous said...

And everyone in that line knew. They knew that you had a plastic hook. Chances are they told someone who told someone else. I don't know if I'd be able to ever show my face again in there.

I agree. I can run all over the planet but when it's something for myself, I get jittery anticipating all that might happen. As in being exposed for owning substandard products.

Happy Campers said...

See, Eddie was hoping you'd missed your sewing machine SO much in the past week that you were ready to upgrade because of depravation!

Like, when you REALLY want a steak, and you haven't had one in a while, and you LOVE your steak, you'll spring more $$ for a steak because you need some steak! right? :)

I want steak...

Eileen said...

I think your work should be published. Each post could be a little page for the day, and it could be titled "Stop Folding Laundry".

noble pig said...

You're good...I would have caved in and traded up! Good luck with your new needle.

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