Monday, April 6, 2009

When the Tooth Fairy Cheats

Of all the crazy traditions that enslave parents, probably my least favorite is the whole tooth fairy rigmarole. Sure, it was cute and simple when they were about 6, but now that they're pre-teens the whole process is nearly impossible.

First, the fact that I never seem to have a dollar in the house. Between "Can I get a snack after softball?" And "Can I have some money to buy this book?" I am usually without cash.

Then there is the whole sneaking into the room business. On any given day, their floors are either clean and neat or piled with "projects" - land mines that could trip up Indiana Jones.

But yesterday the tooth fairy got lucky. Drama Girl lost a tooth, put it in a baggie and forgot to put it under her pillow. How happy was the tooth fairy to see it there on the kitchen counter! The husband had a bill to slip underneath and voila! Mission accomplished.

This makes my Monday! To see other pleasures, join Cheryl over at Twinfatuation for Makes My Monday.

10 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Laura said...

There are so many jokes we could make about this.
Well if there's a fairy for losing your tooth, why isn't there one for when you first "lose your lunch?"
Or lose your temper?
You are so right.
I wonder how this first came up.
This might make a terrific writing prompt for my students.

Gerb said...

I love that I can hand my 13 year old (who is still losing teeth) a dollar and say, "I'll get the tooth fairy to pay me back." She just smiles knowingly and says, "Sure".

Eileen said...

Yes. And inflation doesn't help. I remember being thrilled to get a quarter. Now I think they expect way more than a dollar even!

The Glamorous Life said...

Early on I told my kids (who are both insanely light sleepers) the Tooth Fairy pays MORE if the tooth is left on the front porch with a note. I told them she is in a huge hurry and really apreciates kids who help her out this way.

Hey if you are gonna lie- might as well make it work for ya. Just sayin!

The Mother said...

Our tooth fairy drinks. As in, seriously, fall down drunk.

Which is why she usually just drops the money on the floor and forgets about the tooth under the pillow.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. Mine are still too young, but I better start brain-storming now. My Lily is the lightest sleeper on the planet. I am clumsy as heck, and my husband has a loud stompy walk. I think we need to outsource the tooth fairy.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

The tooth fairy at our house? She sometimes leaves the money in places overlooked the first time.

owlfan said...

Our tooth fairy keeps a special stash of dollar coins (helped out by the kids turning in money to buy other things or just getting paper money).

I've noticed that the tooth fairy seems to get lazy as the kids get older. Sometimes she forgets for a day or two before she gets around to collecting that tooth.

Cheryl Lage said...

You know, I bet the tooth fairy really appreciated that ease of access. I know she had me drop a hint to our two that they should really consider leaving the lure on the dresser near the window where she could get the tooth, drop off the shiny quarter (oh yeah, our tooth fairy kicks it old school) and not wake them in the middle of the night. ;)

Terra said...

I dread the day my youngest starts losing teeth. If you walk past her room she wakes up...I can't imagine trying to actually walk in let alone stuff my hand under pillow. ARgh

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