Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Make Chex Mix

  • Take twins grocery shopping. When they suddenly ask if they can make Chex Mix, remember that you thought it would be a great idea to teach them some more cooking skills this summer. Send them to go get Chex -- "the one with the recipe on the box" and tell them to meet you back in your aisle as you continue shopping.
  • Tell them not to run as they take off in gleeful independence. Watch them run as they round the corner out of sight.
  • When Twin 1 returns and asks "Wheat or Corn Chex?" Repeat the instructions "The one with the recipe on the box" and send him off again.
  • Finish three more aisles of shopping and start wondering where they are.
  • When Twin 2 returns, listen patiently while they explain "They don't have THE recipe mom, just these weird recipes." Tell them "The recipe is always on the box. Get the Rice Chex and get back here."
  • Wait a long time again. When they return trying to convince you one last time that the recipe isn't on the box, don't believe them until you actually look at the boxes and see the weird variations on the recipe:

  • Once home, tell twins to Google Chex Mix recipe.
  • Wait forever while they get distracted and play Webkinz on the computer.
  • Review their finds: "Original Chex Party Mix" vs. "Real Original Chex Party Mix."

  • Wonder why 1,849 people actually bothered to take the time to rate Chex Mix on a website.
  • Go and get the mail. Find a package with a rockin' free vintage apron from Rick Rack Attack.

  • Put the apron on of course!
  • Divide and conquer. Tell one twin he gets to make cookies later. His sister is put in charge of Chex Mix.
  • Show daughter how to measure butter into pan. Watch as she coats arms, pan, and stove with butter. Nod and smile and remain encouraging.
  • Commence measuring spices. Watch Worcestershire splash everywhere. Note with dismay after she's poured half the spices out that you'll have to review the difference between teaspoons and tablespoons. Throw out the whole spice mixture and start again.
  • Try to keep smiling as you try to help her chip off some onion powder that has decided to turn into cement.
  • Alter the recipe because who likes bagel chips anyway? Chex Mix really needs Cheez-Its.
  • Stand back while she measures dry ingredients. Watch them cascade beautifully everywhere. Listen to the floor crunch underfoot.

  • Carefully mix the whole thing on a cookie sheet, watching it spill all over the place.
  • Put it in the oven.
  • Open the oven door and smell that bit of heaven that is processed cereals, butter, and salt

  • Enjoy a little snack and write a post about the whole thing.

16 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. What the heck is Mexican and tropical chex mix...what are they thinking!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

That was great. I love the screenshot of the last one!

And my kids LOVE helping do the shopping. I give them half of my list sometimes, complete with instructions on how to price compare and get the larger one if it's less per ounce etc.!

Now I want some chex mix.

Beth said...

Mmmmm... send one of the twins to my kitchen. I love chex mix!

Mark had NEVER had real home made chex mix until last year when I made some for him. That is just not right!!

(Cream Cheese Mashed Potato recipe is in the comments in the below post)

Unknown said...

Mmmm... yummy! You can send the kids my way to mess up my kitchen (can't get much worse!) and make us yummy snacks! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute story! I've never made Chex Mix at home. Is it much better than the prepackaged?

Cheryl Lage said...

Surely the Mexican Chex mix is for eating alongside margaritas and the tropical with pina coladas, perhaps?

Love the Escher-esque quality to this post...too fun! (and to Walmart we go...)

Claremont First Ward said...

I actually DID stop folding laundry to check out the chex mix story......who would have known it's so time consuming? That's about how things get done at my house, too. :)
P.S. Can I have some?

Anonymous said...

Excellent. And who knew - Chex mix variations? No thank you. I knew what you were talking about as soon as you started.

And your description of cooking with your daughter made me think of the times my mom tried to cook with me. I think I was much older than your girl (she's adorable, btw) but I definitely was comparable in the amount of mess I made...and not knowing the difference between tsp and TB.

Love that last photo - it's like post-modern/artsy in a chexey sort of way.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Marcy Massura said...

Mexican Chex Mex? COMEDY....and quit a skill to post a photo of the actual post...I am pretty sure that messes with time travel or something....

Jaime said...

OMG! That was hilarious! And Yummy, too, I bet!!

I can't wait til my girls get back from grandma's...I think we'll have to make Chex Mix..

oh, and Rice Krispie Treats!!!!

Anonymous said...

WHat fun! I cant believe they took the recipe off the box!

The Apron Queen said...

Oh! You are way too funny! Glad you got the apron. I'm with you. I think I'd stick with the original recipe (or is the REAL original??). We made Rice Krispy treats. Sounds easy, right? Turned out a lot like your little adventure. Enjoy the apron! :D

Crazymamaof6 said...

love this! you are a better mom that me letting them cook. i flip out! i bow down! and love that you chronicles the event! FABULOUS! thanks for delurking even if you are a first time shopper! that is awesome! thanks! come back soon.

Nancy said...

Too funny!!! I can('t) wait to cook with my twins. (I go back and forth with the can and can't...) And what a happy mess :) Love the last photo!

Have you tried the crock pot version? It's the original recipe, but you don't have to use that tiny cookie sheet that is impossible to stir. YUM! I now have the bug to go make some LOL

Beth said...

Yum! Although I'd cringe every time I heard the cereal crunch on the floor!! I can't wait til my kids are old enough to help like this!

Annie said...

I've never made a Chex-Mix. I like cereal for breakfast, but not when it tries to be a snack! So, no Chex-Mix or Rice Krispies Treats! And I leave Cheerios out of my gorp!

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