Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Royalty and Wacky Mac

This is one of my "plates with dead people on them" as my kids would say. It's part of my extensive collection of vintage pink Staffordshire souvenir plates. I love this particular one for a number of reasons;

  • It's square
  • It has symbols of both England and the United States
  • It has a clear date on it (1939) and a nice hallmark on the back of John Maddock & Sons
  • We all knew that young woman when she was the Queen Mum much later in her life.
  • I have five of them, which in my family of five equals a full set.
I'm a big advocate of using wonderful antiques instead of storing them, so we used these for dinner last night. When the kids saw them, Jungle Boy looked at his, looked at his twin sister, and said "Who've you got on yours?" Drama Girl looked at hers and said "Isn't that the crown she gave to Princess Diana?" Wow. She is smart. I didn't even know that, but she read it in a royalty magazine I picked up once.

Sadly, dinner wasn't very fancy last night. But I bet even Bess would have liked the occasional first course of Wacky Mac with some parmesan on it. I started to get a picture but Drama Girl was quick. Typical. Note the chipped manicure. In fact, since she's such a ham, let me just display what she wore to her rehearsal yesterday. Please believe me, she has a closet full of beautiful clothes, but this is what she put together:

To see what other bloggers are showing and telling today, or to show off your own fabulous finds, head on over to The Apron Queen for Vintage Thingies Thursday. Wacky mac not required.

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Fiona said...

Love your plates and love your comments to go with them LOL you have a great family by the sound of it! My daughters also go out in all sorts of weird combos regardless of the weather ... makes you wonder why you spend so long finding them decent clothes ...

Cheryl Lage said...

Another member of the "why not use it?" club here! ;)

And personally, I am digging her sense of style. With a smile like that, she could wear a burlap sack and make it look fashionable. :)

Happy almost Fourth!

The Apron Queen said...

My kids make fun of me for stuff "from dead people" too! Lived in Italy when our oldest was little. We'd go to Rome or Venice & he'd say "Mom, what's the big deal about all the old dirty buildings?" Now that he's older he appreciates it, but as a kid...

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen

Anonymous said...

Beautiful plate and I love that you used them for dinner. Why let rot away!

Anonymous said...

The plate is delightful and I love that we share the same philosophy of using what we love, no matter its age. After all, what good is a plate on a shelf collecting dust.

Your daughter and mine could have a style contest to be sure, however, I do enjoy that Libby expresses herself in this way even though she sometimes walks out of the house looking like she doesn't have a mother.


Anonymous said...

I love pink Staffordshire - I have a PS teapot and it is lovely. Love your plate - that's a real treasure.

I also love your blog! I will be back! (Great title BTW)

MotherHen said...

ROFL!!! Love your items and your comments, quite comical!!! I have 3 kids, DD21, DS19 & DS17. My kids went through the wierd outfit stage too, trust me they do out grow it & then they will drive you crazy because everything has to matchy-matchy and be so-so - even the shoes, lol!! Love your site also!!

God Bless,


Hi, I don't know who drew Betsy
McCall, the magazine pages I have
do not have an artists signature,
just McCalls Copyright 1958. The artist worked for McCalls Mag.
I love your English plate, it is
fun to use the treasures we own,
the food tastes better right?
Your daughter is cute. My dau
thinks lots of things go together
too, but thank goodness we have
Teen Vogue magazine to help.....

S said...

Love that dinner was served on royalty. What a pretty pattern on the plate and that square shape is unique. Your kids are so funny! My girl (7) is quite similar, love to see what she puts together to wear (ok sometimes I dread it).

Burbank Babe said...

LOVE IT!!! Wow, I love those plates!

What is Wacky Mac and is it easy enough for me to make it?

And I love the clothes, she looks terrific and I wish I had half her style.

We also use our fancy plates every night, too. I love that old saying, "if you don't use the good plates, his next wife will!" Cracks me up every time because my husband bought our plates.

Nancy said...

Whacy Mac! LOVE IT! And what cute plates :) I don't know if I have any vintage stuff in my house (does makeup count? :P ) I'll have to dig around cuz that looks like fun!

Laura said...

How can I show you that I have juice glasses that commemorate that same King George visit or whatever it was?
My mother just had them in her basement and I took them.
(She said okay- I didn't steal them.)

Threeundertwo said...

Wow Laura! That is a funny coincidence. I guess that road trip was a huge success at the time - they did it in part as a PR move after Edward abdicated. There were tons of souvenirs produced, in Canada and the US. We should get together and have wacky mac *with* juice! Maybe it would make us time travel!

Burbank Babe, wacky mac is a kind of pasta you get at Safeway. Here's how you prepare it: boil water, throw it in. You can make it. Also great for macaroni necklaces.

Amy said...

I really like those plates :-)

Kellan said...

I love these vintage plates you collect - beautiful! And ... the daughter is just darling!!!

See you soon - Kellan

Unknown said...

Love that you USE those plates, even with kids! And they stimulate discussion, instead of grunts.
Maybe DQ will be a stylist or clothing designer someday!

debi9kids said...

OH! I love to dig out my grandmother's china for fancy dinners once a month! We go all out...use the crystl and everything & the kids love it!
I too love using all the antuques. Meant to be foot! They are meant to be USED!
;) Debi

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