Saturday, September 13, 2008

The People's Court

Marcy over at The Glamorous Life posted a career test that revealed that she and I both missed our calling to the law.

To practice our skills, in preparation for opening our firm of Glamor, Lit and Laundry, I would like to pose the following completely hypothetical case to you for your opinion.

Let's say mom A makes a delicious pot of homemade soup, but has to run out the door. So she instructs mature pre-teen child B to watch, and occasionally stir the soup, while she takes child C to gymnastics. Mom A leaves the soup simmering on the lowest heat setting.

While driving down the hill moments later, mom A waves to Dad D as he drives up the hill home from work. She drops child C at gymnastics, picks up child E, who has just finished gymnastics, and returns home to find child B and Dad D merrily eating soup. She scoops some out for child E and herself, pries the book "Twilight" out of Child B's hands at the dinner table, and sits down to enjoy her meal.

After dinner, Mom A assists Child E with homework while Dad D clears the dishes, puts them in the dishwasher, and turns off the hood fan to the stove.

Hours pass. Child C is picked up from gymnastics, assisted with homework, and goes into the kitchen to help himself to a snack.

All children are finally sent to bed with dreams of lovely soup. Dad D disappears to his computer and Mom A puts her feet up and embroiders. For hours. Until the urge strikes her to get a glass of water. At which point she enters the kitchen

And discovers the soup is no longer simmering. It has become a hardened mass on the bottom of the pot because the burner was left on and is still on.

Who is guilty? Purely hypothetically, of course.

13 people stopped folding laundry to write:


Mom A is at fault because Mom A should have called Dad D after allowing sufficient time for Dad D to enter home and ask him to turn down burner to lowest setting.

Mom A is again at fault because Mom A should have called Child B 15 minutes later than call to Dad D to remind Child B to stir soup AND turn down burner to lowest setting.

Mom A is further at fault because Mom A should have checked the burner either upon returning home, or upon dishing out soup for Mom A.

Mom A knows better than to trust an offspring and its paternal unit to follow directions and to use common sense.

Also, Mom A is always to blame for anything that goes wrong in the lives of anyone living in the home at that time. Furthermore, Mom A is responsible for everything happening in said home, regardless of who Mom A indicates as her designate.

I rest my case.


Oh, and could I please get that soup recipe? Seems everyone in said household really enjoyed it. Soup season is upon us.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I am a lawyer (well, I don't practice anymore, but still) and I can tell you that it is always the husband's fault. Kidding. But in this case, He (and by He, I mean, He) who cleaned the kitchen and left a pot on the stove is it. But? If She had cleaned the kitchen and left the soup on the stove simmering for Him? Still His fault. Just saying.

And that my friend, is why lawyers are such trouble.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh? And post the soup recipe.

magda said...

As an amateur jurist, I would have to say Dad D would be at fault, due to his turning off the hood fan, which would have otherwise served as a clue that further action was necessary for items on the stove. (In our family, if there's something on the stove which needs to be put away, the light on the stove must stay on.) Mom A should see to it that policy is made and enforced! (And, yeah, that the soup recipe be posted. Please.)

Anonymous said...

As sister of Dad D - I would have to agree that Dad D is at fault. Sorry brother but Mom A wins the case and you are guilty as charged. And yes, please reveal the soup - sounded like it was a winner!

Anonymous said...

Oh and where is Judge Judy when you need her!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Dad D becuase when you clean the kitchen you therefore are responsible for condensing what was on the stove into a smaller pot, that's just the rules. He failed because the giant soup pot doesn't fit in the fridge. There.

Nancy said...

Must be the kitchen fairy's fault.

Anonymous said...

Mom A has the burden to be certain Child understood said instructions. So if the house burnt down- you'd be way guilty. But it didn't. All is well AND you got a post out of it!!!

Yeah- our law firm could be to just defend moms. That will be our angle. :)

Kira said...

I claim 'Team Switzerland' in this case. Completely Nuetral.

Sounds like your family has been bitten by the Twilight bug ;) Have you read it yet? Give us a review! =)

Anonymous said...

Blame the dog.

Burbank Babe said...

Dad D. At least in our house. The cleaning person always makes sure the stove/open is off. He did have the wherewithall to turn off the fan, right?

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