Monday, November 10, 2008

And the greatest toy is. . .

The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced their 2008 inductees, and I couldn't be happier. Among the class of 2008 they have elevated the baby doll (fine, it's a classic, I had a few), the skateboard (excellent choice) and a third toy that has been around long before any other toy on the list.

But before I reveal this wonderful winner, let's take a look at the importance of toys. From the Toy Hall of Fame website:

Q: Why do toys merit a hall of fame?
Toys are among the most important human artifacts. They are learning tools. By guiding play, they foster imagination, creativity, and critical thinking. They socialize us and teach fairness. They reveal what we believed and valued, encouraged and endorsed, dismissed and feared. They remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we hope to become. They help us imagine what’s next.

They help us imagine what's next. They remind us of who we were/are/hope to become. Almost the job of a parent really. Toys are powerful things.

My girls are past their doll stage now, with the final expensive hurrah occurring two years ago when they got their American Girl dolls. My son still plays with his Legos on rare occasions, but Thomas and all his train parts have been lovingly donated to their former preschool. The toys they enjoy the most these days seem to require batteries and thumb dexterity more than anything else.

But this one toy, the new hall-of-famer, it still attracts their attention and entertains them every time they pick it up.

A stick.

The Toy Hall of Fame has inducted the humble stick as a tool for limitless creativity.

Dear Toy Hall of Fame, I applaud you on your marvelous choice. And considering the financial state of the world at the moment, I will use your endorsement to guide my gift-giving this year.

8 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Anonymous said...

I know is this awesome of them?

However, i think it would be a hard sell to my boys to say 'um, yeah you are not getting the pSP I have been guilting you with ALL YEAR for Christmas. i am gonna get you a STICK.

But still. it is so cool.

Jocasta said...

What about a spoon - was that on the list?

Laura said...

Hee Hee...
Sticks for the nephews...
I applaud the Toy Hall of Fame as well.

Unknown said...

Love it! Monkey it just starting to get into the "run around with a stick and give mommy a heartattack and she pictures it puncturing his eye" stage! :)

Anonymous said...

Man... I *still* love a good stick. Its good for stabbing the ground, throwing, sword fighting, drawing in the diry, throwing... Good times! LOL!

(PS... pictures of our Jem and the Misfits costumes are up on my blog if you wanted to see them!)


debi9kids said...

OMGosh! Wow! Really? That is fantastic!I agree, the stick has such limitless possibilities!

Anonymous said...

My kids would be so happy if I gave them a stick. I'm always telling them t0 put one down.

Elizabeth said...

The only thing better than a good stick would be a stick in a nice BIG BOX!!! Woo Hoo!
Stick for the nephews and nieces sounds like a good inexpensive Christmas

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