Saturday, March 14, 2020

Projects of the Pandemic


We're all in our lifeboats now, realizing just in time or maybe too late that the ship has hit the iceberg. We need to stay alive and to do that we need to stay in. I have spent time  - maybe like you - in worry, in planning, in prayer. Today I turn to resolve. Resolve to spend this time well. 

Looking around, I have a lot of projects that are at the 95% finished stage. I'll start by finishing those. Then I'll get some of these quilts out of the way and some of the bigger projects. 

Today, I've got a small piece I did for St. Patrick's day. I asked Hestia to model it for me and she got very distracted by it, even when I gave her a toy duck to bat around instead.

Stay well my friend. Make art. Love your pet. We'll get through this.

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owlfan said...

It looks like there should be photos, but they aren’t showing for me.

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