Monday, December 3, 2012

Not making my Monday

We've had quite a rainstorm over the past few days.  All the leaves torn off trees, howling winds.  I thought how lucky we were to be all safe and cozy inside.  I considered reading Jane Eyre again - because it seems like such a good book for a storm.

Sunday morning Jungle Boy woke up with water dripping on his head.  One interior wall was soaked and the water was dripping from the ceiling and around his window.  The eaves above his room come to a "V" and the gutters couldn't handle the sheer volume of water.

I feel so lucky that our wonderful neighbor, who is a contractor, answered our call for advice and came right over.  He helped both outside and in.  Here's what Jungle Boy's room looks like right now.  Today the sun is shining out his window.

Our neighbor tore out some of the damaged drywall and insulation.  Then he created this tent so the heat from the vent would dry out the area.  Reminds me of the movie "ET."

Jungle Boy is managing with his bed and things in his room moved around.  Hopefully when all is dry in a few days we can get in there to do repairs.  Last thing we need during a busy month!

Hope your Monday is going better.  I'm off to make some cookies for the neighbors...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! I hope that dries out quickly :)

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