Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wasabi Girl Throws A Tea Party

She decides to put on her pioneer costume from her 4th grade living history project [I made it]. She decides this will be a Raggedy Ann tea party so she gets her Raggedy Ann [I made Raggedy Ann too]. She remembers that pioneers didn't smile in pictures, so she pulls a straight face for my camera. Maybe this is all influenced by the Laura Ingalls Wilder books we're reading.

She spreads out her tea things on her Raggedy Ann Quilt [I made it] and gets out all the Raggedy Anns and Andys in the house [yeah, I make a lot of them].

She begins to drink invisible tea oh-so-demurely with me as Drama Girl pauses in her reading to watch from the couch. The sewing boxes are out because the girls were making new napkins to go with the tea sets.

Jungle Boy shows up and asks if his Build-A-Bear can have tea. He holds out the bear's hat to pour tea into. Drama Girl begins to show her displeasure at sharing the couch. Wasabi Girl begins to chug tea in a rather unladylike manner.

Jungle boy begins to beat Drama Girl with his bear.

Drama Girl grabs his bear, Jungle Boy grabs her book, Wasabi Girl starts chugging invisible tea right out of the teapot.

Complete melee. Mom puts down the camera and sends them all outside. Is it September yet?

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noble pig said...

We have no tea parties here with all boys. So sad. I do love a good tea party, lucky you.

Scary Mommy said...

"Is it September yet" is right! Looks like you are passing the time in a good way!

I gave you an award, so stop by :)

Cheryl Lage said...

You bring Wasabi Girl to us!
We've got Anne & Andy and tea a'plenty! (and wasabi peanuts galore!)

Precious pics. :)

Kelsey said...

Oh I used to love tea parties! You have some serious sewing abilities!

Good & Crazy said...

I love your picture/story.

That's some serious Raggedy Andy Love??

I'm working on some great posts from my kids' Boredom Buster list...
a new one next week. (part one was today). Wait, it's late, make that yesterday.

Manager Mom said...

Hee... I work full time so summer days are pretty much like other days for me, except hotter and with morning sunscreen applications. But reading y'all's posts, it is quite a bucket of cold water, the change in daily routines...

eileen said...

Ok.. I LOVE your raggedies! Used to make them myself.. many many of them. Did you use the 1958 pattern?
Your daughter is very pretty. :)

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. And happy birthday!

Threeundertwo said...

Wow! Sharp eyes! Yes, I make my Raggedy Anns and Andys from the 1958 pattern. I'm a stickler for the authentic look.

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