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Friday, July 13, 2012

Because it's pink

Hours of weeding
Hours of picking out leaves from the beds
Cursing aphids
Sore muscles
Spiders in my hair
Thorns that get through the gloves

Is it worth it?

In a word, Yes.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mercy Killing

I love Christmas as much as the next person.  Maybe more.  But the time comes when even I have to say enough is enough.

I confess - I stopped watering it.  It was a big beautiful showstopper on the porch but a recent windstorm broke half of it off and I'm neglecting it now.  Sorry poinsettia, your time has come.  It's always awkward to have one of you around in the Spring.  Now you're going to the plant graveyard out by my potting bench.  Rest in peace.

Do you ever just let something go?  On purpose?  How long do your poinsettias last?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Makes My Monday: Roses

My roses are late to bloom this year, but they've made up for it with a glorious display. These are the Cecil Brunner roses that the deer didn't eat.

I love seeing this wall of pink beauties on one side of the house.

The canes are arching up into the sky. When the show is over I'll have to hack them back or they'll really get out of control.

Enjoying the sight and fragrance of my favorite flowers makes my Monday. How is your garden doing?

Makes My Monday is hosted by Cheryl at Twinfatuation.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Like Christmas All Over Again

I'll have to admit my garden seems to be attaining it's heart's desire and reverting into a wilderness. I haven't been able to keep up with it due to my recent surgery and sadly, I haven't even wandered around it much.

So imagine my surprise when I walked past my pot cemetery on the side of the house a few days ago. Not only did I see the stacks of pots which have not been loaded with their annuals for this year, but I saw the amaryllis I had discarded after Christmas. It was ready to bloom again - proof that these things are so hardy they thrive on neglect.

If I had been organized after Christmas I would have carefully preserved the bulb in a paper bag someplace cool so it could go dormant until next Christmas. But just look what it did when it was abandoned in it's pot. It's gorgeous.

I wont tell it it's not Christmas if you don't.

(For those who like details, this variety is called "United Nations" and was purchased from The Amaryllis Bulb Company.)

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