Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The inconvenience of grocery shopping

Follow-up; I'm sad to learn that the one fatality in this accident was a 10 year old little boy, a Webelo, in the same district as my son. His mother remains in critical condition. My prayers are with that family. I am so terribly sad to hear this.

I hope this post was in no way construed as snarky. I meant to describe how small my problems really are. I fear it may be misinterpreted. My heart is just breaking on hearing this news.

Like every other mom on the planet, I had a busy day today. I finally dropped a few kids at a few lessons and had time for some grocery shopping. I felt too lazy to go all the way to the fancy grocery store so I went to our local ho-hum Safeway, which is a few blocks closer.

It was crowded at 4:00 pm.
I couldn't find the feta.
They moved the mixed nuts. My husband can't live without them.
Some lady with her cranky sons kept shopping in the same aisle as I did. When I doubled back because I forgot something, so did she.
The bananas were too green
My cute grocery bags were in the other car - which is in the shop - so I had to use plastic.

But on the way home I listened to the news. That fancy grocery store down the street? A runaway truck had plowed through the parking lot. One person died, three were critically injured.

Puts a little perspective on inconvenience.

Are you joining me for TV turnoff week this week?

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Responses to comments yesterday: I spent a dollar on ebay

What a card; what ever happened to a sheet with eye holes cut in it? Goddess in Progress; why didn't I think of that book? I think we read all of those books a million times when the kids were little. Maybe I was thinking of it subconsciously. texasholly; thanks! Monkey Memories; Let's not even talk about Target. I go in for floss and go out $100 dollars poorer. Marcy; If ebay is a gateway drug, I'm in serious trouble. Eileen; I *knew* I had to have those mice - thanks for backing me up on that. Klucky; there is already a long queue of pre-orders from my kids for those animals. You'll have to take a number. Or I can teach you to crochet! Des; I've seen her pictures on Flikr but I didn't know she sold them in an Etsy shop. I'll have to go look. Laura; if stitching prevented people from putting food in their mouths, I would look emaciated. Not the case, I'm afraid. Coloradolady; the mice may have been worth the dollar, but I'm not so sure about the rest of the purchases. Lea-Ann; I'm one of those unsuspecting folks who buys old patterns off ebay. Go ahead and put yours up there, I'm sure I'll be bidding on them soon. You should see my sewing room. I have enough projects to last me the next 50 years. Jill, you're right! I should have been watching television, then I would have avoided all these terrible creative urges! (ha ha!) EmmaK; Yeah for young readers! Once they get the bug you just have to keep feeding them books and they're happy. Good for you! Amy; if only I knew how to avoid the next chain reaction! LuAnn; thanks! Have you tried subscribing to blogs in a reader? Try bloglines or google reader. Click on that orange square logo when you see it on blogs and you can have all your favorites updated for you in one place every day. noble pig; I'm seeing that with the new mahogany dresser we got. Oh dear! Even more expensive than the craft store. Alisa; get the book! I see it on ebay often (doesn't everybody search on "dickens" in the "crafts" category?). Really cute patterns. The ghosts crack me up. angie; thanks! Domestic Accident; I wish I'd thought of that book! I could have made a much funnier post. Arrrgh! Cheryl Lage, you can give up French TV programs, but you also have to give up any that have French subtitles, OK? BoufMom9; Who doesn't love little mice in clothes? (Probably lots of people actually). Glad you like them too.

7 people stopped folding laundry to write:

Beth said...

Wow! Thank goodness for a little inconvenience. Its things like that, that make you stop and think. So glad you went to Safeway... even if they didn't have feta. (How is that even possible?!)


Anonymous said...

Okay so everytime I am stuck in traffic or stuck behind someone really slow at checkout or whatever-I always say (in my head only, I am really that crazy to talk to myself!) "I bet God planned this, and I am avoiding some accident or something bad because I am delayed" and it calms me right down.

Glad you are safe.
Cuz you were in SAFE WAY.
I couldn't resist.

You should link this for my party.

Tonya Staab said...

I hate it when I forget my grocery bags. You have no idea how many times I remember to put them in the car, get to the grocery store and realise half way through shopping that I've forgotten to take them into the store with me. If Jay's with me I send him back out to get them, but when it's just me and the bugs, I get really ticked off at myself for having to use plastic.

Alisa said...

Wow. Glad you're safe. Wow.
I watched some woman at Wal-Mart get searched today because her purchases were in a reusable bag. I'm so confused, we're not supposed to use plastic, but if we don't we can be searched for shoplifting? Maybe that worked out in your favor as well?
Really glad you're safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I always pass Safeway by and go to the fancy store but today you lucked out. Glad all is well...did you ever find the FETA?

Texasholly said...

That is crazy. I always wonder how things like that happen. I am so glad that you and your family is safe and my heart just hurts for that other family...


I know. We get so caught up in our lives and when we step back, we realize there are so many other people who are having far worse days than us and whose lives are so much worse off.

My husband backed our Nissan Maxima into a pole one day. Our car stayed bungie corded shut for far too long. On the highway, I often saw people with MUCH worse looking vehicles than us. I always said, "It can always be worse." Those were great reminders in my every day life that even at my worst, my problems are nothing compared to some other people's.

Thanks for the reminder, Lit.

Oh, and The glamorous life - I say that ALL the time, too!

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