Monday, May 25, 2009

Makes My Monday: My Robot

Goodbye dirty floors. Goodbye cat hair tumbleweeds. Goodbye pain from standing and vacuuming. I just wish I'd thought to get one of these sooner.

Vacuuming has been a particularly difficult job since my surgery, but it's been even harder to convince the cat to stop shedding and the kids to stop bringing in dirt. Of course, I set myself up for disaster when we installed a skylight that opens over the kitchen and dining room. That thing lets dirt and dust dump into the house from above. But oh do I love that skylight.

I had fun for days telling the kids that a robot was coming in the mail. They apparently pictured something much different. They've named him "Kach" for King of Cat Hair.

Now if I could just teach him not to finish and turn off when he's dead center under our king-sized bed, he'd be perfect.

Clean floors make my Monday. What else makes my Monday? Being proud of my son for going out with the scouts and placing thousands of flags at Golden Gate National Cemetery. Don't forget to fly yours today to honor those who have served.

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Lisa said...

I've always wondered how well those vacuums worked! I don't know if it could tackle our mess, though... You have a wonderful blog -- I'm glad I found you over at Cheryl's. &:o) Your link-to-posts widget thingy is really cool!

mommytoalot said...

Oh that vacuum sounds like a dream come true.
Happy Monday

Cheryl Lage said...

Oooooh! You've got your very own Rosie! (That image in the order block first made me think of those '70's phones...squint your'll see what I mean!)

Please thank Jungle Boy for honoring the gravesites of those who served so valiantly. :)

Happy Makes My Monday, ThreeUnder...thanks for playing along!

The Mother said...

You have the same one I have! The bright red makes it easy to spot when it stops somewhere in the house and you don't know where...

At least yours will go under your bed. Mine doesn't fit. Oh, well.

Bea said...

I want to know if this really works well. We only have area rugs and hardwood floors. If you think it is worth it, I will have to ask Santa for one because you know how I hate to vacuum!

Laura said...

I want that robot thing to follow me around all day.
Will it do that?

Joannof10 said...

What a cool vacuum, and what a wonderful thing your son did, helping us all remember our veterans!

Trainer Shauna said...

So those Robots really work?! I've thought about getting one for a long time, I think I'dd do it!!

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