Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Can Build Her Better! Stronger! Faster!

If you're from my era you recognize this line from "The Six-Million-Dollar Man" show. I thought the whole concept of bionics was fascinating. Replace body parts with something better. Little did I imagine I would face the decision to do this myself someday.

The date is now set for my hip replacement surgery. Out with the joint I was born with, in with new materials made out of I don't know what that just might outlast the rest of my body.

I have mixed feelings about it, and a bit of fear about the long-term. Artificial hips don't last forever, and I still have a lot of years left to live. My range of motion will be limited. And no jogging for the rest of my life.

But as the orthopedist so kindly pointed out to me, I have absolutely no options left. It's just bone on bone in there, grinding away and preventing me from walking easily across a room. Yes, it hurts as much as you think it does. I'll be glad to get rid of that whole pain thing.

So July 14 it is. New hip day. Time to make me better, stronger, and since I wobble at a snail's pace now, definitely faster. Wish me luck. And please tell me you remember that show too (and its spin-off, the Bionic Woman).

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The Mother said...

Yes, I remember the show.

My mom had her hip done a few years ago. I'll never forget. Dad called and said, "Your mom is out of the OR and doing fine."

And I said, "HUH?"

In an effort to keep me from worrying, or going up there to help out, or even KNOWING, mom had kept it from me. I may never forgive her.

The upside? She's doing great. She and Dad are back out on their 20 mile hikes. She wished she had done it years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have heard great reports from those that have gotten new joints. And usually they say they wish that had done it sooner!

One from from aqua aerobics is just a bit older than me and she is so happy with her new hip.

My dad is getting his 2nd knee done this month. He loves his 1st replacement and want the other one to be just as good. :) He is 86!!!

In real life, I'd be scared too. ((hugs)) Plan to have some handwork all ready for your resting time so you can still play in fabric. :)

Lynn. said...


We plan to be around this summer, so please consider me your personal taxi, shopper, baker, kid amuser. Whatever you need. I'm just down the hill!

Let me know if you hear of good ankle replacements. Glen needs one bad.


Teresa aka MarieSews said...

I know that pain and that wobble and that snail's's no fun. Mom had 2 hip replacements, sister had the same, Dad had one hip and one knee. All recovered well after each. The secret is to get moving and keep moving as per the physical therapists directions. I'll bet you'll be hiking around in no time.

Katie's Dailies said...

Oh wow! Good luck with that. I myself am recovering from a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago, so I can sorta understand the "step,step, HOBBLE, step, step, HOBBLE" that you're going through. Hope you aren't in too much pain.

And yes, the Bionic Man and his cohort, Bionic Woman were a couple of rockin' shows! I remember the opening sequences like it was yesterday! : )

Lily Boot said...

Yay for you for being so brave! It's a big operation but I'm sure it will be good. My Aunty Mary had hers done after a lifetime of pain (terrible childhood surgery) when she was in her mid 40s and it has transformed her life. Yes, she will have to have further surgery (she's mid 50s now) in another 5 - 10 years but she says she wouldn't swap it for the anything. It' so good to just get out of bed each day and move without pain. You never know what they'll have waiting for you next time and this time, I wish you all the best healing and recovery :-)

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Elizabeth said...

I so remember that show! It's a big decision and I wish you the best of luck!


So sorry you have to go through another surgery!! I have heard good things about hip replacements though.

Remember Steve Austin?? You never forget your first love. Or girl crush in the case of the Bionic Woman. I almost bought a Sleep Number Bed because Lindsey Wagner was promoting it....

I gave you a blog award. Should appear on my site momentarily.

Sending much love and prayers for a speedy recovery your way.

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